IKEA 365+ Water bottle, green

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With this durable bottle by your side, you never have to go thirsty. Fill it with cold water, a refreshing smoothie or freshly squeezed juice – and enjoy! Read More

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Sustainable life at home

Make your own bottled water from a natural source – the tap

The build-up of plastic waste on our planet is a matter of real concern for all of us. So, next time you feel like grabbing a bottle of spring water from some far-away and exotic well, don’t. Instead, bottle your own water using the fully recyclable IKEA 365+ bottle.

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Fill up, drop, wash, repeat

We know that commuting and travelling from A to B are parts of life many would love to skip if only they could. To make these musts a little more convenient, we created UPPLADDA and IKEA 365+ bottles. They’re made of extra durable plastic. It means they can be cleaned in the dishwasher many times without becoming milky and dropped again and again without breaking.

IKEA 365+ Water bottle, green

¥ 19.90