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Getting a good night's sleep is no problem when you have soft bed linens to wrap up in. Curtains that let you get up with the sun (or sleep until noon). Quilts and pillows perfectly suited to the way you sleep. And cosy bedroom rugs to greet you when you (finally) get up.

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Dip into indigo bedding

Bed Linen

Sleep softly

When it comes to bedding, there’s really only one thing that matters – comfort. That’s why all of our bed linen is super soft and cosy to give you a better night’s sleep. And a lot is made from environmental-friendly materials like Better Cotton and lyocell, so it’s better for the planet, too.

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Quilts with comfort that suits you
Sleeping comfortably is an individual thing. Our duvets come in a range of warmth ratings and fillings so you can choose what’s best for you. So whether you like being warm or cool in bed, or prefer down and feathers or new materials like easy to care for lyocell, you’ll find the quilt you need for a comfortable night’s sleep.View more Bedroom Textiles & Rugs.

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Pillows that match the way you sleep
Back sleepers, side sleepers, hug-your-pillow sleepers, there’s a pillow here made just for you. Choose from pillows filled with down and feathers, memory foam or polyester in a variety of thicknesses to support your sleeping style. And with covers made from natural and renewable lyocell, they’ll support your conscience, too.

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An extra layer of warmth (and style)
Bedspreads add warmth to your bedroom and offer a cosier night’s sleep. Swap them out with the seasons or simply use them to add a new pattern or colour to your room when the mood strikes. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a little more softness (and style) to your life.

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Treat your feet to some softness, too
Whether they’re plush, flatwoven, round, square or sheepskin, rugs bring comfort and atmosphere. Large ones define the seating area in the living room, runners soften your step in the hallway and door mats welcome you home. They’re a great way to show your personal style and treat your feet to some softness. 

Cushions & cushion covers 

New cushions for a new look
Cushions can work wonders. They add so much softness and comfort, while the colours and patterns add atmosphere and your personal style. Getting new cushions or covers is such a quick, affordable way to freshen up a room that you can do it whenever you feel like a change.

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Curtain Rods & Rails

Give your curtains a place to hang
Behind every great curtain solution is a great way to hang it up. Our curtain rails allow panel curtains to span any length and even go around corners. Our versatile curtain rods have a corner solution, too, and offer many choices of finial to complete the look. The hardware may be simple, but the possibilities are almost endless.

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Curtains & Blinds

Soften up your window view
We love the outdoors. But sometimes we want to keep outside elements, like sunlight, draughts and curious eyes, out. Curtains and blinds do this in a way that enhances your view from the inside, too. A multiple curtain solution allows you to make a stronger style statement while fine-tuning the amount of light or privacy you want.

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Blankets & Throws

Add a throw for some instant cosy
Whether draped over your shoulders or the arm of a sofa, our blankets and throws may just be the easiest way to add warmth to your home. We have throws for adding colour or texture or an invitation to snuggle. They can instantly update an old armchair to give a whole new feeling to a room – and express a different side of you.

Fabrics & Sewing

Metres of possibilities
Creating a completely unique textile solution, and putting more you in your home, is as simple as picking your favourite fabrics. We have a wide range of patterns in many styles, plus the sewing machine, needles, thread and other sewing accessories that can help you bring your ideas to life.

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Window treatment

Let’s get lost in layers
With the help of our rods and rails you can create layer upon layer of different types of curtains. Easily adjust the light, sound, temperature and privacy to suit your mood.

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