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 EKOLSUND Recliner >

Lean back and relax in EKOLSUND recliner that’s adjustable to three positions and comes with a built-in footstool. Available in washable, removable covers in grey or pink-brown.

BUSKBO armchair >

Invite nature into your home. Bring in a feeling of craftsmanship and create a great mix of modern and vintage style with BUSKBO armchair that’s made in rattan.

ULRIKSBERG armchair>

Enjoy comfort in the light, airy style of ULRIKBERG armchair. With a handwoven ratten backrest and seat combined with a metal underframe, each armchair is unique.

HAVSTA series >

HAVSTA comes in a variety of units, making it easy to find the right balance. Design and details rooted in Scandinavian tradition gives it a handcrafted, timeless feeling.

Dare to decorate with dark colours

A black and grey interior is a bold choice, but home is the place to
please yourself. Inside Pati’s family home in Cardiff, where function
has to come first, see how she makes it beautiful too…

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Memory foam, armrests you can sit on, chaise-longues big enough for two these things support the social and
intimate side of being at home with the people you love.

BESTÅ has evolved into a multi-purpose solution across the living room.


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