HAVSTA Dark brown

Timeless design in solid wood

The HAVSTA series is inspired by traditional Scandinavian furniture based on practicality and simplicity. It’s made from sustainably-sourced solid pine that shows in its form and surface. Carefully designed details create a handcrafted look, which adds character to the series and makes each piece of furniture unique. And the brushed, matte finish gives a smooth and natural feel. All of this results in graceful pieces of furniture with a sense of timelessness.

Room inspirations -- HAVSTA series

A HAVSTA cabinet with wooden doors both contributes to the style and offers a lot of room for the things you want accessible but out of sight.

The top shelf is the shelf top

The roomy interior holds a lot of stuff, but needn’t take it all. HAVSTA units are just the right height for a display surface. Use the top for the things you want to catch a glimpse of every day.

The glass and beautiful stain finish of a HAVSTA door works as both a dust guard and a frame for the things displayed within the cabinet.

Deserving of a closer inspection

The brushed, matte stain finish brings out the veining of the underlying wood. Details like chamfered edges and plinth bases add to the genuine look and feel.

While the HAVSTA glass door works as an elegant, see-through dust guard, the wood-framed glass shelves let the light spread evenly throughout the cabinet.

Collect collectibles, not dust

Glass doors don’t just offer tasteful transparency for the things you want to keep on display. They’re also a great way to stop dust from reaching your shelves.

You can mount any 35 cm deep stackable unit on a 47 cm deep cabinet to create a vertical combination, or convert it into a standalone by adding the plinth in compatible size (sold separately).

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Made of wood from sustainable sources.Solid pine with crafted details and a brushed surface gives a genuine, sturdy feeling, a timeless look and it will age gracefully.

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